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The city is dull and cute (28th Nov 22 at 12:40am UTC)Quote Reply
There is a one-way glass mirror on the wall of the room, from which you can see the situation of the next door, but only one mirror can be seen in the next room. It was an interrogation room, with only a slightly pale teenager sitting in a chair, looking around timidly with a pair of eyes. Bai Xijing raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure it's him?" (To be continued.) RV 209 girls are mad Sorry, sorry, today's second shift is a little late, tomorrow will be on time, sweat. Bai Xijing raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure it's him?" Dashan nodded. "The fingerprint check was correct, and he himself admitted it. From changing the bomb to detonating it to dismantling the hidden detonator, he said it in detail. If he hadn't done it himself, he couldn't have told many details.". [Literature Bar's latest update Www. Wxba. Net] Bai Xijing nodded, who is the murderer he is not very concerned about, he is concerned about the real manipulator behind the scenes, "what else to find?" Of course, Dashan knew what Bai Xijing really wanted. He couldn't help feeling embarrassed. "No, he was an orphan. His social circle was blank. He couldn't even tell where the bomb came from, nor did he know why he wanted to change the fake bomb into a real one. It felt.." It's a little evil! Bai Xijing couldn't help frowning, his slender fingers stroking his chin, the corners of his mouth slowly raised, the long and narrow phoenix eyes were deep,smart board touch screen, the mountain unconsciously stepped back, Big Brother's smile. Terrible. ~ T ~ T ~ "He is lying," Bai Xijing suddenly opened his mouth. "Since he can change the bomb from under my eyes, it seems that it is not very difficult to erase the traces of his existence. Find a way to dig out everything he hides. I allow you not to choose, hand, paragraph." "But." "No but," Bai Xijing interrupted Dashan's words,digital touch screen board, sideways, eyes quiet to silence, "Dashan, what do you think I have everything now? Not now. When will it be? The mountain expression one Rin, Shen Ning answered, "I know, eldest brother, promise to dig out his 108 generations of relationships." Bai Xijing nodded, for him, nothing is more important than his family. In other words, nothing is more important than a daughter. "Uh!" Shang Qi suddenly let out an interjection that seemed to have no objection. Several people looked at him sideways, but he was stunned and pointed to the interrogation room. Bai Xijing didn't care about him, but subconsciously reached out to his side but threw himself into the air and bowed his head. The girl who was supposed to be standing next to him didn't have it? Bai Xijing was in a daze unconsciously, and Dashan poked her carefully, pointing to the interrogation room. Bai Xijing turned to look over, 75 smart board ,interactive panel board, but saw that the door of the interrogation room was open, and the little girl in a white sportswear was standing in front of the juvenile criminal, with a serious expression and a slightly baby fat face bulging with anger. Just now everyone was listening to the conversation between Bai Xijing and Dashan, and no one noticed that the girl had left when she left, and she disappeared quietly in the sight of everyone. Even Bai Xijing didn't find it. Daughter can actually "deceive" their own perception, it has to be said that the silly father feels very hit, which means that as long as the girl is willing, she can disappear silently in everyone's world at any time and anywhere, including the silly father!!! Of course, with the silly father's infinite spoiling of his children's twenty-four filial piety, the single-minded girl is absolutely reluctant to leave her father's drop ~! Xiao Jingchen stood in front of the boy, who lowered his head. The hands on the armrest of the chair trembled unconsciously, as if under the pressure of many mountains. Xiao Jingchen stared at the teenager in silence for nearly a minute before opening his mouth, "Where is your companion?" The boy unconsciously shrank. To tell the truth, his action of representing fear and fear was quite unexplainable. If Bai Xijing was standing in front of him, the mountains and hills were Song Chao's garrison or even Shang Qi, it would be excusable, but Xiao Jingchen's appearance was a typical soft girl. The body is soft and easy to push down. Even if a three-year-old child sees her, he will take her home as a large SD doll and ravage her. The teenager is frightened by her. It really doesn't make sense.
Well, the girl doesn't care whether the explanation makes sense or not. She will only persistently pursue the answer she wants. She knows that the reason why she broke the killing ring is because of the bomb. The bomb killed countless innocent fish. If she doesn't throw the bomb into the water, it will be the people who play in the park who will die. Which is more important, human or fish? For Xiao Jingchen, the key is not "who died", but "died because of her", which is the most difficult problem in her heart. Mistakes have been made, there is no regret medicine to eat in this world, Xiao Jingchen understands that the source of everything is the bomb, she is a devout Buddhist believer, she can not "evil to the edge of courage", can not "anger from the heart"! As soon as she thought that the young man in front of her had broken the precept of killing, that she would never be able to return to the temple for the rest of her life, and that she would become the most despicable traitor to Buddha, she wanted to break the bones of his whole body and let him go with him! Unconsciously, Xiao Jingchen's big black and white eyes suddenly became deep, although they were as clear as ever, but even the people in the next room could clearly feel the change of her whole body's aura-no murderous look, but more cold than murderous look! Song Chao opened his mouth in amazement, staring in disbelief that he could only see the small dust on the back of his head. It turned out that this dull baby would also be so domineering that it leaked from the side? Should I say that I am Bai Xijing's daughter. Bai Xijing narrowed his eyes slightly, folded his arms leisurely, and suddenly said, "Do you know what I'm most grateful for?" BoSS opened his mouth who dares to ignore who dares to be perfunctory. Everyone shook their heads together. Bai Xijing smiled at the corners of her mouth. "I'm glad that I sent Jingchen to the club to learn guns. No matter how her marksmanship is now, at least Li Song taught her that when she encounters a bomb, she should throw it into the water." This is actually common sense, as long as people who have seen TV and movies know, but for the girl who regards common sense as a myth, it must be the knowledge that she has taught more than once carefully,interactive panels for education, so that she can engrave it in her mind. People unconsciously nodded, recalling the race against time, can not help but pinch a cold sweat in my heart ~.
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