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In the future, takeout will no longer provide disp (16th Nov 22 at 2:32am UTC)
In the future, takeout will no longer provide disposable chopsticks for free! _ Garbage
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Original title: In the future, takeout will no longer provide disposable chopsticks for free! The last day of October Mr. Life is a little emotional Only 2 months left in 2019 Think about the flag set at the beginning of the year. Huh?! Why can't I remember! The coming November We will usher in the annual bachelor + shopping festival. The Strictest Traffic Regulations in Shenzhen's History Will Be Implemented Soon Shenzhen garbage classification will also formally implement the new policy. In the future, throwing garbage will become a "technical work". Expand the full text The Regulations on the Classification and Management of Domestic Waste in Shenzhen (Draft Amendment), which was submitted to the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress for "second instance" yesterday, further refined the classification and management of domestic waste, in which waste drugs and medicines should be removed from packaging and put into special collection containers. After the floor barrels are removed, where the domestic waste sorting points are set in the residential area may cause controversy. The revised draft of the bill clearly States that when there is a dispute over the delivery point, the subdistrict office shall coordinate to determine the delivery point of domestic waste. 01 Potted plants should be separated from the mud It is a local characteristic of Guangdong to buy annual flowers and oranges during the Spring Festival. Every year after the Spring Festival Competent departments carry out unified collection and treatment of annual flowers and oranges This is also the characteristic of domestic waste classification management in Shenzhen. Friends who love to raise flowers and plants at ordinary times also need to pay attention to it! How to throw away the daily discarded potted plants? + + In the survey, some opinions put forward that the annual flower orange is composed of pots, soil and flowers, which should not be simply classified as recyclables. The first revised draft no longer includes the annual flower orange in specific categories, but specifically stipulates the way of putting the annual flower orange, standardizes and legalizes the classification of the annual orange,Medical Disposable Coverall, and provides a legal basis for better carrying out the unified collection and treatment of the annual orange. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of classified disposal of daily waste potted plants, the revised draft adds a new provision that "daily waste potted plants should be separated according to the components of pots, plants and mud, and put into recyclables,KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers, perishable garbage and other garbage collection containers, or make an appointment for recycling units or individuals to collect and carry them at home." 02 Standardize the waste medicines produced by families Every family has a supply of common medicines. Drugs will inevitably expire after a long time. If these waste medicines are not disposed of properly, It is easy to produce pollution and endanger health. What kind of garbage does medicine belong to? + + In order to further standardize the disposal of waste drugs produced by families, the revised draft includes waste drugs and medicines as "hazardous waste". The revised draft adds a new provision that discarded drugs and medicines should be dismantled and put into special collection containers. In order to facilitate the centralized collection, transportation and disposal of waste drugs and medicines, community health service institutions should set up special collection containers for waste drugs and medicines. Domestic waste sorting managers in residential areas can also consider the convenience of residents, set up special collection containers for waste drugs separately, and be responsible for regularly putting waste drugs and medicines into special collection containers set up by community health service institutions. At the same time, the municipal and district health departments shall urge community health service institutions to set up special collection containers for waste drugs and medicines, and supervise and inspect their collection, free shipping disposable coverall ,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, transportation and storage activities. 03 Kitchen waste may be collected regularly every day Kitchen waste should be the most important garbage produced at home. Storage time too long The smell produced will affect everyone's daily life. How to throw away the kitchen waste? + + The revised draft stipulates that kitchen waste, kitchen waste and other garbage should be collected regularly every day and transported within 24 hours. Among them, kitchen waste shall be collected and transported immediately after the designated period of time, in accordance with the transport operation agreement; or transferred to the classified temporary storage of domestic waste, and collected and transported in a timely manner in accordance with the transport operation agreement.
Considering the different living habits of residents living in different regions and the different production and management of domestic waste, in order to meet the actual needs, the revised draft authorizes the district authorities or sub-district offices to carry out the classified management of domestic waste in accordance with the characteristics of their jurisdictions, and to determine the kitchen waste in different residential areas according to local conditions. As well as the collection and transportation time of kitchen waste within the administrative area; reasonably refine the types of domestic waste classified collection containers, optimize the number of collection containers placed in public places; and agree with the domestic waste transport unit on the scope of service, transport requirements, exit mechanism, liability for breach of contract and other matters. 04 Gradually implement special garbage bags It is also clear in the revised draft. Special garbage bags will be gradually implemented. By means of government quota distribution and independent purchase by citizens. Obtain uniform standards, colors and logos Garbage bag for other garbage Promote citizens to reduce domestic waste Develop a good habit of precise and classified delivery 05 Takeaway merchants are not allowed to provide disposable chopsticks free of charge. For many small partners. The one who deals with the most every day is the takeaway boy. The person I want to see most is the courier. Express delivery and takeout consumption have produced a large number of packaging. And the formation of domestic waste How to reduce takeaway garbage? + + The revised draft clearly stipulates that business units shall not provide consumers with plastic shopping bags free of charge, catering service providers and catering distribution service providers shall prompt consumers to consume reasonably and order meals in an appropriate amount, and shall not provide consumers with disposable chopsticks, spoons and other tableware free of charge. Encourage the use of tableware that can be cleaned, disinfected and reused in catering distribution services, and provide recycling services. This clause aims to reduce domestic waste such as waste packaging and food residues produced by takeout by advocating a healthy diet. 0 6 Incentive mechanism forms the habit of garbage classification behavior Develop a good habit of garbage classification and source reduction Have! Award! Li! The first revised draft is based on the draft. Enriched and improved the incentive mechanism In addition to the assessment of domestic waste classification, Units, families or individuals with outstanding achievements In addition to commendation or reward It also encourages the exchange of points and other means. Facilitating units and individuals Form a good habit of classified disposal of domestic waste. + + The revised draft adds that the commercial departments shall, in conjunction with the competent departments, formulate supporting policies for the recycling of low-value recyclables and encourage enterprises to participate in the recycling of low-value recyclables. At the same time, renewable resources recycling business units are encouraged to set up convenient recycling points or recycling facilities in residential areas, shopping malls, supermarkets and convenience stores, establish booking recycling platforms, publicize trading catalogues and prices, and improve the recovery rate of recyclables through fixed-point recycling and door-to-door recycling services. In addition, the revised draft adds new provisions to guide and encourage third-party platforms for online transactions, freight transport, express delivery and other enterprises to explore the establishment of a reverse logistics collaborative recycling system to promote packaging recycling and recycling. Third-party platforms for online transactions are encouraged to set up bonus points to guide the simplification of packaging and the reduction of the use of disposable goods. By advocating a healthy diet,Medical Full Body Coverall, we can reduce the waste packaging, food residues and other domestic waste produced by takeout. Let's develop a good habit of garbage classification together. How to classify the garbage in Shenzhen? The money that can earn at home, get money to poke here! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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