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Unspeakable Relationship--Yi Anchu (28th Nov 22 at 1:10am UTC)
The store manager bowed slightly and made a "please" gesture to Xi Yin, "please come with me." Xi Yin followed the store manager to the second floor, pushed open the door of the box, and a faint sandalwood lingered on the tip of his nose. Miss Bai, your guest is here. The store manager stood at the door of the box and said to the box. Let her in. A pleasant female voice came from the box. The decoration of the box continues the Jiangnan style of the hall. A pool of water lilies is located in the center of the box. There is a miniature rockery and a windmill pumping water in the pool, giving people a special feeling of leisure and elegance. Sitting by the window was a woman dressed in Chanel's latest suit, with her chocolate wavy hair falling out. Miss Xi, you're here. The woman turned her head, looked at Xi Yin with bright eyes, and slightly raised her finger to the seat in front of her, "Please sit down." "Thank you." Xi Yin heard the sound and sat opposite the woman. The woman lowered her head to warm the teacup carefully, repeated several times, and finally made a cup of Dahongpao. She handed it to Xi Yin with both hands and said gently, "Please drink tea." "Thank you, Miss Bai." Xi Yin took the teacup with both hands, took a sip and put it down. Polite Bai Qiubing smiled and took a sip from the teacup in front of him. Bai Qiubing tasted his tea and stopped talking, as if there was no Xi Yin in front of him. If put in the ordinary, Xi Yin is patient, but today Zhan knows to come back. If asked why he came back so late, Xi Yin hasn't decided whether to tell the truth or not. Miss Bai, you didn't come to me just to have tea with you. Xi Yin asked with a smile. Bai Qiubing smiled indifferently, revealing two beautiful pear vortexes at the corners of her mouth. "Miss Xi, why don't you ask me who I am?" "I can probably guess who you are." "Miss Xi is a wise man." Bai Qiubing said softly,x56 line pipe, "She is beautiful. No wonder she keeps you." "Miss Bai is right. I'm just a lover kept by General Manager Zhan. I don't pose any threat to you." "You don't know how I feel about you. She's just mad at me now. It won't be long before she comes to me." "Miss Bai is worrying too much. I don't need to understand the deep love between you." Xi Yin smiled. Miss Xi, I invited you here this time just to remind you kindly. Don't pretend to be a real person. You know this person is too playful. Bai Qiubing said, "This is my business card. If you need anything later, you can contact me at any time." "Thank you." Xi Yin took Bai Qiubing's business card and put it in his bag. He stood up. "Since it's all right, I'll leave first." "Walk slowly, I won't send it." "Thank you, Miss Bai, for your hospitality." Xi Yin walked out of the box, stood at the corner, took out his business card, tore it into pieces without looking at it, 316ti stainless steel ,347 stainless steel, and threw it into the trash can. Liao Ke sat near the window on the first floor, ordered a cup of jasmine tea, and waited for Xi Yin to come down. Since a cup of the most common jasmine tea is sold at three times the price outside, it is simply a black shop. Xi Yin, are you all right? As soon as Liao Ke saw Xi Yin coming down from the second floor, he immediately greeted him. Do I look like I have something to do? Xi Yin asked in reply. Xi Yin, who is that man? "General Manager Zhan's ex-girlfriend." "What does she want with you?" "Show off and vent." Xi Yin smiled helplessly, "of course, there are self-righteous warnings." "This man is sick!" Liao couldn't stand being insulted by others and deliberately shouted at the second floor. Keep your voice down and let's go. Xi Yin pulled Liao Ke, and they walked out of the tea house. Bai Qiubing sat in the box, leisurely tasting tea, looking out of the window all the time. Just then, the mobile phone rang. The moment I saw the number, I frowned slightly. I'll have tea outside and come back later. “……” "All right, I'll go straight there later." When Bai Qiubing hung up the phone and locked the screen of his mobile phone, a photo of himself and Zhan Yizhi appeared in front of him. The two people in the photo are very green and their smiles are very bright. Zhan Yizhi sat on the sofa with Bai Qiubing in his arms, and Bai Qiubing sat on Zhan Yizhi's thigh, holding a cherry to feed Zhan.
Bai Qiubing looked at the photo in a daze, and a drop of tears fell on the screen of the mobile phone, just falling on Bai Qiubing's face in the photo. In the mansion of the Zhan family, the maids filed in with plates of delicious food. Zhan Raozhi sat in the main seat, looking out of the hall from time to time. Wu Xiaoyu stood aside, lit a candle, and said with a smile, "When Miss Xi left in the morning, I specifically told Miss Xi that she should be back soon." "Talkative." Zhanraozhi took a look at Wu Xiaoyu and pretended to reprimand her, but he could not hide the smile at the corners of his mouth. General Manager Zhan just likes my talkativeness. Wu Xiaoyu smiled mischievously at Zhan Yizhi. When Xi Yin returned to the mansion, he saw flowers everywhere in the living room. Miss Xi is back. General Manager Zhan is waiting for you in the restaurant. The maid said politely to Xi Yin. Okay, I'm on my way. Xi Yin said and walked in the direction of the restaurant. In the bright and spacious dining room, the long table is full of delicious food, and in the center of the table stands a tall Western-style candlestick with nine white candles lit on it. Zhan Raozhi holds her cheek in one hand, the candlelight illuminates her face, the high bridge of her nose draws a beautiful radian, specially draws a light makeup, and her big curly hair is loose. Dressed in a deep V black dress, the fullness of the chest is like a shadow. Zhanraozhi seldom wears this way, and most of them are uniforms on weekdays. I'm back. Zhanraozhi heard footsteps and turned his head to see Xi Yin standing in the doorway. Uh Xi Yin nodded slightly and withdrew his attentive line of sight. Sit down. Zhan Raozhi pointed to the opposite seat and said. Xi Yin obediently sat on the seat opposite Zhan Yizhi, slightly lowering his head. You go down and let them all go out. Zhan Raozhi looked up at Wu Xiaoyu,x70 line pipe, who was standing aside. Yes, General Manager Zhan. Wu Xiaoyu said, turning her face sideways and blinking at Xi Yin.
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