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Tianxin is angry (28th Nov 22 at 12:58am UTC)
Tianxin calculated the time, suddenly alert up, the time of the invasion of foreign enemies in this star field is the time of the Great Universe Star Field. Is there a connection between the two or is it just a coincidence? I don't know. In order to prevent and remember the victims, for tens of thousands of years, both practitioners and practitioners will come to Leishan Tianjing, one is to practice with the help of the strong Reiki here, and the other is to exchange experiences. After all, in the battle against the monster, the Sutra Pavilion was destroyed, the elders were killed, and the immortals and demons suffered heavy losses in the three realms of spiritual practice. Especially after the yuan Ying period to practice the art, you need to focus on many people, you say a little, I say a little, in order to get together. Think of how tragic the war situation was, it is not too much to say that the entire star civilization was destroyed. Civilized recovery is slow and painful. But the shortcomings of human nature, "forget the pain after healing the scar", have also been revealed in the past thousand years. The communication among the disciples of the major Xiuzhen sects in Leishan Wonderland has become a mere formality, and the fierce struggle has become more and more serious. Even the ten Xiuzhen planets are no longer calm, and there are more and more disputes. This situation has lasted for hundreds of years, and the various sects have reached a peak of complacency (the viewpoint of Lingxu Six Immortals). The argument of "Qi" and "Qi" is endless, and the followers of the two views almost lead to a war in the realm of cultivation. Fortunately, more than a hundred years ago,juice filling machine, Leishan Tianjing was suddenly alienated. On that day, a ray of light flashed thousands of miles in the sky. In an instant, the sky changed over Lingke Star. The white light was blazing, stretching and shrinking nine times. Finally, it congealed into a three-foot bright light body that was neither a knife nor a sword. The light body rotated and roared like thunder. Ten days later, it suddenly disappeared into the thunder mountain sky. One year later, the Leishan Heaven was divided into two parts, a part of the Lingke Star and a part of the Void. There are powerful thunder beasts in both parts. The dispute between "Qi" and "Qi" suddenly came to an end. In front of the powerful landmine beast,liquid bottle filling machine, whether it was Qi or Qi, the weight was not enough, and there was no life or death. Lingxu Liuxian was quite happy when he said this, believing that the alienation of Leishan Tianjing had solved the disputes faced by Xiuzhen civilization in the colorful star field. Tianxin, on the other hand, heard the dark shock and felt that the change in Leishan Tianjing was not a good omen. At least it was a warning of impending war. The reason for the alienation of Leishan Tianjing is that the second Tianjing actually adjusted the time ratio to 1001. Such a big deal is by no means a solution to any dispute. It is obviously enhancing the power of the people who cultivate truth in the colorful star field. Other than that, there is really no other reasonable explanation. Are those four-legged monsters going to invade again? Thinking of this, Tianxin could not help but come out. What The six immortals of Lingxu were startled when they heard this. Don't be nervous, I just have this feeling after listening to the six detailed talks! It's not necessarily accurate. Tianxin comforted him. The atmosphere was suddenly dull, and after a while, the most decisive of the six immortals of Lingxu suddenly said, "Brother Dao's worries may indeed become a fact.". For a hundred years, I have been wondering why there is such a change in Leishan Heaven, why the thunder beast is only tired but not killed to us, only play but not kill, this is not a game, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, nor a test, but to cultivate a hundred battles for the colorful star field. I think it's because of the thief monster that the war is not far away. "No, Third Younger Martial Brother," the virtual spirit exclaimed. " Elder Martial Sister, we were born too late to experience the war against monsters. Only from the limited records, we know that those monsters are as strong as refined steel. Separately, they are strengthened heavenly soldiers, enough to fight against the high-level immortals of that era; together, they are a tight war machine. Many later generations who studied the war believed that we were not defeated by fighting alone, that there were enough experts in the two realms of immortals and demons, and that we were defeated by group confrontation. No wonder brother Jingwen's Flying Sword biography the next day said that in the second fairyland, the nine-level and ten-level thunder beasts were much more powerful than the eight-level thunder beasts in the first fairyland, but they never appeared alone, but appeared in groups in all directions, expelling all the single people, whether they were immortals or demons, and then fighting together. "Are you saying that the second wonderland is running into the group consciousness of the entrants?" Yes, Elder Martial Sister. Unfortunately, no one has yet entered the mysterious third realm, so that it is impossible to deduce the contents of the third realm. Elder Martial Sister, I'm afraid we have to strengthen our cultivation in the future. Strive to enter the second day as soon as possible.
"Xu's expression became grim. After thinking about it, he said," Elder Martial Sister, you have to go back to the school and reflect this situation to the old men and old women in the school, and try to get all the people who have reached the Mahayana period or above to come to heaven to test. And those who have not reached the Mahayana period should also go to the Valley of Thunder Beasts to test, but tell them to be careful as much as possible, where the thunder beasts are contaminated with human blood, but they kill people without eyes. My God, this audition is a little bloody. "Then I'll leave tomorrow." Xu Ling frowned. I remember, "said Xu Jing, who had never said a word in the whole discussion," I like to search the jade slips of all the governments. When I first came to Lingke Star, I found a half-new and half-old jade slip in the antique market. At that time, the fourth brother laughed at me for being a bookworm. In this piece of jade slips, there is a strange description of the fragment: "Lingke star sky, the light of the sky, to the thunder mountain sky diffuse, the thunder roared.". A foot awn shot away and hit a strange black spot that was rising in the sky. Unfortunately, I did not see what the black spot was, and the Leishan Heaven changed greatly. "Really?"? Younger Martial Sister Wu, "Xu felt the corner of his eyes jump. He seemed to have caught something, but he couldn't be sure. He just felt thirsty.". In the first episode, the Star Ferry comes out. Chapter 208 Ling Hua Zheng Rong. Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:12:59 Words in this chapter: 7738 Brother Dao, don't be in a hurry. "Tianxin was in a hurry." Although the solution is not much, I think the situation should still be under control. No matter the war tens of thousands of years ago, or today's Leishan Heaven, don't you feel that there is always a hand in control of everything? From the sudden disappearance of monsters tens of thousands of years ago to today's Leishan Tianjing Lianbing, it is obvious that there are overhauls who do not seek to be heard for those who have arranged everything. The past is gone. What we need to do now is to adapt and improve ourselves as soon as possible. "Yes!" Virtual eyes a bright, a plate sitting on the thigh,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "or brother Lingtai Pure Brightness!" "Therefore, the six Taoist friends don't have to be in a hurry. They might as well go back to the school to take care of everything first, and then come here to practice." 。
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