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Supersystem _ 20200215155705. (28th Nov 22 at 12:55am UTC)
Han Feng's new residence is a residential community with relatively strict community management, where the people living are basically a bit of social status. Other people are not allowed to come in casually at ordinary times, but it is much quieter. Zhang Junyu had nothing to mind about Han Feng's hospitality. He sat on a small sofa in the living room and took out a red invitation from his purse. "I'm sending you a special invitation," he said. "You must take time to attend." "An invitation?" With a trace of doubt, Han Feng took the invitation. I opened it and glanced at it. Founding ceremony of National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine? "Yes." Zhang Junyu nodded, "For the development of traditional Chinese medicine, we Huamen and Shengyuantang decided to jointly establish a school of traditional Chinese medicine, which will be different from those already existing in society.." The founding purpose of the National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to restore the teaching method of the ancient master-apprentice system, to provide more professional Chinese medicine talents for the society, and no longer to produce in batches as before. In addition, the college also has the nature of research. To sort out and summarize some folk prescriptions, scattered prescriptions and treatment methods of difficult and complicated diseases scattered among the people, with the goal of establishing them as the world's authoritative research base of traditional Chinese medicine. … This scheme has been approved by the state and has received strong support. Zhang Junyu said happily. For this point, he did not say that Han Feng had guessed, after all, not any school can begin with the word "country". Zhang Junyu went on to say: "The proposal for the establishment of the school was put forward by the master, and he will also be the first president of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine." Hua Lao's position in the field of traditional Chinese medicine is self-evident. He is the current head of Hua Men. He has excellent medical skills and countless living people. Among the people he treats,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, there are not a few who have weight. Now he wants to set up a college of traditional Chinese medicine to spread his medical skills and benefit the society. This is naturally a desirable thing. So he mentioned it to someone. It was immediately supported by the other side, and the various procedures for the establishment of the "National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine" were examined and approved with unprecedented efficiency. It also promised that the school would be the most authoritative research base of traditional Chinese medicine in China in the future, which is equivalent to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, while Hua Lao became the first academician of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although it seems that there are only a few people in Huamen, the students of Huamen are all over the world. Basically, doctors with some attainments in traditional Chinese medicine are inextricably linked with Huamen. After all, the history of Huamen's existence for so many years is not false. After so many years of spending,ultrasonic cutting machine, I don't know how many disciples there are. However, Hua Lao also knew that if there was only Hua Men, the strength of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was not enough, so he also pulled up Sheng yuantang. With the support of Sheng yuantang, the blueprint he conceived can be realized smoothly. Hua Lao is now old, but also received his own satisfactory apprentice, so it is no longer like running around all over the world, the heart also rose to create the idea of teaching apprentices, which Han Feng knows. As a disciple of Huamen, Shifu founded the school, so naturally he had to be present, so he put the invitation away, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, nodded and said, "OK, I'll be there on time." Zhang Junyu said with a smile, "Not only do you have to be on time, but you also have to make a speech at the ceremony." "Uh.." Han Feng did not expect to make a speech, touched his nose and said, "This is not necessary, right?"? It's also your business to ask for a general. ———— Zhang Junyu shook his head and said, "That's not what I meant. It's what Shifu meant.". He said that the reason why he had the impulse to set up this school was mainly because of the set of "Dan Qi Road" you came up with, so you will give a keynote speech about "Dan Qi Road" at the ceremony. Han Feng is silent, so this is the case, it seems that comfortable is to use this school to promote "Dan Qi Road". " I said, Xiao Feng, did you really create that set of'Dan Qi Road '? When Zhang Junyu saw that Han Feng did not speak, he asked. The master is the main and I am the auxiliary. Han Feng said modestly. Although Zhang Junyu already knew, but now heard Han Feng personally admitted, he still could not help but give him a thumbs-up.
I have practiced Dan Qi Dao for several months, but the effect is more obvious than I have practiced for more than ten years before. I don't know how you came up with it. Whether you are the main or the auxiliary, it is already very great! No wonder the master values you so much. Zhang Junyu was convinced of the younger martial brother at the moment. Unfortunately, it seems that the interest of my younger brother is not in traditional Chinese medicine. After seeing Zhang Junyu off, Han Feng went to the company and continued to perfect his nervous system model. In order to accelerate the growth of this model, Han Feng began to let pirates help to stimulate it continuously, and constantly train its intelligence. Speaking of pirates, Han Feng couldn't help thinking of something that made him laugh and cry yesterday. The pirate went to investigate the situation of his "parents" yesterday, but found a half-sister. It turned out that the pirate's "father" had a girlfriend when he was studying in China. Before he went abroad, his girlfriend was pregnant. The heartbreaker never came back after he went abroad and settled down directly abroad. Life was good at the beginning, but since he had a son, he began to have bad luck. First, his son was abducted during a trip, and then his company laid him off. Eventually, the couple had a car accident at the same time. Han Feng did not know how the pirate boy was found. Anyway, he found out that he had a half-sister in China. She is now 18 years old and is a freshman at a second-rate university in Beijing. Han Feng could feel that the pirates were very concerned about his so-called sister, who, according to him, was his "only relative in the world." Today, after the pirate finished Han Feng's confession, he couldn't help saying, "Boss, I found out that my sister is studying at Jinguang Art College!" (The school is fictitious,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, please do not take it seriously.) Han Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry: "Well, yes, I found it so soon." 。
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