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Legends under the dust (23rd Nov 22 at 1:05am UTC)
On the third day, several paper boats flowed into Kuo Kun from the small river connecting the moat. They told the residents of the city that two days later, the divine envoy would open his way to the north of Kuo Kun. Xuanyuan would not hurt civilians or kill prisoners, and all the people in the city could come out of the city to vote. If the Phoenix Dynasty was destroyed, he would die! Then Lan Yan chose some very strong soldiers, take turns from the four sides will be a lot of the same content of the paper ball shot into Guo; Guarding city army and the government heard the news hurriedly make people collect these paper boat paper ball, and let a person blocked the river, later will simply around the Guo's twelve big and small gates are sealed, finished in the city big Suo Xuanyuan traitor, and put the focus of suspicion into the army guarding north Guo, they will all be transferred into the city, for Ling Chongguan transferred back to ten thousand soldiers on the city, Forty thousand men guarded the north gate below. But the news has been leaked, two days later, Guo in many people are ready, and want to run and afraid of the gate can't open, and the north city so many soldiers guarding it, far from the gate will not let the front. Outside the city a morning, near noon, smoke to see the sky, life of a cavalry regiment in two teams ready to attack, and life under a few thousand people in the infantry,aluminium coated tubes, the third echelon is Xuan yuan cavalry, behind ten thousand Yu infantry, in the north between the main gate and the east auxiliary gate, four hundred meters away from the wall; Yu's soldiers had not had time to change, had to each left arm to help a piece of white cloth as a sign, and according to the command of Lan smoke with thin linen mask tied to the face, only showing the eyes. It was just after the summer sowing, and the shining armor shone brilliantly in the sunlight,precision welded tubes, but no matter how dazzling it was, it was cavalry, and there was no siege equipment. On the city garrison crow crow standing full wall, can't think of the cavalry how to attack the city, Xuan yuan's horse again fierce I'm afraid also can't on the wall? Or is it the meaning of the horse race and the arrow? What do you mean by those people in the middle? And pile up so much new earth? Lan smoke and Yu watching from a distance, see the hole in the engineer captain waved a small red flag, then a wave of his hand, life division bugler blowing. A short bugle call, Yu unconsciously grasped the reins, Xuanyuan will say that this thing is powerful, she is really curious about how big it is. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw several lieutenants leaning forward and looking forward, I heard a dull thunder, and then the continuous dull thunder kept coming, so that the earth was trembling, the horses under me were restless, Precision steel tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and they were digging and neighing, Yu soothed the horses with one hand and still held a telescope staring ahead, and I saw that the thick wall that had stood for two or three hundred years collapsed. With a wall full of dark defenders, raising dust all over the sky. This is horrible! The same terror is that the four are galloping cavalry team, in a loud charge in the start of acceleration, Yu in the first time found the beauty of the wedge array. I really want to lead the troops myself. Yu turned his head and looked at Lan Yan. Lan Yan turned his head and said, "The army headquarters has orders. The mission of a general is to command, not to fight." Otherwise, why am I still here. He added to himself, raising his binoculars to observe the battlefield. The battlefield was filled with smoke and dust, and the defenders were in chaos in the smoke and dust, completely ineffective to resist. The defenders had never known such weapons in the world, and their reaction was an earthquake; this was not surprising, this had happened before, although it had not been so loud each time, and they had the experience to go to an empty field. The defenders ran noisily to the open space, but — Is the noise too big this time? Even the city collapsed! People are buried! The dull thunder stopped, and an officer shouted, "Go and save people!" Those are their brothers in arms. The ground was no longer trembling, and the soldiers threw their weapons and ran to save people in the dust and smoke of the sky.
The dull thunder rises again, and the earth begins to tremble again. Should we turn around and run first or save people first? Still hesitating, someone shouted, "No!"! It's Xuanyuan's cavalry! Copy the guy! But at this time it was too late to copy anything, a few hundred meters away from the galloping horse had arrived in an instant, and in the panic the defenders had no formation at all, so they saw the scimitar cut off in the dust all over the sky, and the blood was spilled. After a few breaths, the cavalry of the first echelon had all entered the city, and the infantry that followed immediately went up to clean up the defenders who had fallen from the walls, shouting at the same time: "Surrender without killing, those who surrender have abandoned their weapons!" "Heaven perishes in the Phoenix Dynasty!"! Surrender quickly! The infantry shouted all the way, all the way up the wall along the ruins. Is really the day of the Phoenix Dynasty, ah, even the earth will be destroyed by the Phoenix Dynasty, otherwise how can the earthquake at this moment, the collapse of the wall? This must have been summoned by Xuanyuan's divine envoy. Since Heaven is going to perish in the Phoenix Dynasty, can man go against Heaven? When the cavalry began to shout, the defenders no longer hesitated and surrendered. Surrender! Save the wounded! There's a doctor outside the city! Such a humane cry made more people surrender; even Ling Chongguan finally abandoned his weapons and stopped resisting. No matter how brave she was, she dared not think of going against the sky. Get out of the way and run in the middle! The third echelon of cavalry also arrived, followed by infantry. The bugle on the city head sounded, and the other defenders came running along the wall, which was to assist in the battle, and many of them ran down from the wall and ran north with their weapons held high. When they came to the front, someone threw something down and surrendered. A companion beside them asked, "What's wrong with you?"? Why did you throw the knife? "Still don't surrender?"? The punishment of heaven is coming! Save your own life! The governor of Biwu City had to lead his troops to reinforce him first, and when he saw the large section of the collapsed wall, the Feng Dynasty army, who was carrying, holding the wounded or running out from the collapsed wall with bare hands,side impact door beams, felt cold. The curse of God cannot be disobeyed. Chapter 229 The building will collapse. But Xuanyuan seemed to have no intention of extending the gains. The battle on the wall seemed to have stopped. The defenders were turning and fleeing. The attacking side had stopped attacking. The infantry that had come in first were standing on either side of the huge gap. The infantry that had come in later were gathering the surrendered troops. There was only sporadic resistance, which posed no threat to the fierce cavalry, and the cavalry had no intention of continuing the attack.
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