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Wu. Move . *** . Kun - Posted By Simon (simon) on 28th Nov 22 at 1:03am
He has been away from Yangcheng for five days. During these five days, he spent most of his time in practice. Now he finally becomes a loner again. Although he is a little lonely, he no longer has to suppress the power of devouring. Compared with the past, the efficiency of practice has improved a lot. According to his degree of practice, Lin Dong guessed that perhaps in another month he would be able to hit the half-step nirvana, but what made Lin Dong entangled was not the half-step nirvana, but how he should hit the nirvana-state after reaching the half-step Nirvana. It was only after he really fought with the strong man in the realm of nirvana that he clearly understood what the nirvana elixir used in the attack on the realm of Nirvana represented. With Lin Dong's present strength, he was able to defeat Li Pan. That was because the latter only used one hundred thousand nirvanas elixir in the attack on the realm of Nirvana, which made the spirit of nirvanas in his body far inferior to that of the strong man like Chen Tomb. Lin Dong can easily defeat Li Pan, but if facing the tomb of Chen, perhaps it is far from easy, because the latter in the nirvana, enough to use five hundred thousand nirvana Dan, this number, enough to let him not through the nirvana-plunder before, look down on this and nirvana-strong like Li Pan. Lin Dong, who was clear about the gap between them, naturally would not like him to fall into the same inferior position as Li Pan when he entered the realm of nirvana. This is like laying the foundation. The more solid the initial foundation is, the more advantageous it will be for the impact of Nirvana in the future. But this Nirvana Dan. Lin moved his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and thought of the most headache problem, he is now in the hands of Nirvana Dan, there are still about sixty thousand of the number, more than half of which, are still from Li Pan's dry Kun bag, this and the number, obviously and Lin moved expected too far. "Hey, are you still having a headache about how to make up Nirvana Dan?" Between Lin Dong's frown, "the mink also flashed out, and in his eyes he saved some jians." "Do you have Jing?" Lin Dong raised his eyebrows and said. With your xng,gear reduction motor, if you want to hit the realm of Nirvana, I'm afraid you won't be happy without the reserve of millions of Nirvana Dan, but this amount, even if you have the devouring ancestral amulet, it's hard to extract it in a short time. "What in the world is more efficient than snatching?" The mink said lazily. "Rob?" Lin moved a slight Chou at the corners of his mouth. I didn't let you go out to find someone to rob. The people of the Magic Rock Dynasty will send someone to kill you this time. Those who come will be stronger than Li Pan. These guys are all well-to-do people. If they can catch one, they will have at least ten thousand Nirvana Dan's income, right? "The mink laughed.". Rob the magic rock Dynasty one "Lin moved his eyes a little wider, immediately staring at the mink with strange eyes, he is now trying to get rid of the magic rock Dynasty's pursuit, the result of this guy, even thinking about how to solve the other side, and rob Nirvana Dan." "No courage?" …… The mink disdained the way. I have killed all the people of the Magic Rock Dynasty. What else dare not? But you also know that the people sent by the Magic Rock Dynasty this time will not be weak. If you want to snatch Nirvana Dan from them, even if you are now promoted to Tianfu Shi, it is not easy to think about it. Lin laughed and shook his head and said. In terms of his strength, Vending Machine Motor ,small geared motors, he can only be equal to the tomb of Chen at most. Although there are still blood spirits, the person from the other side will certainly not be the only one who is strong in nirvana in the tomb of Chen. As for the last resort to summon the ancient crocodile, there is only one chance. When the ancient crocodile is summoned, it is absolutely comparable to a strong man who has survived nirvana. But if it is used here, will it cost a little 1ng? "You look down on your strength now." Seemed to know the calculation in Lin's heart, but the mink smiled faintly and said.
"You have devoured Zu Fu, such as heaven and earth gods, before you simply can not exert its power of one in ten thousand, but now your jjīng divine power is greatly jjīng into, but also can urge out some of its power, with this, the tomb of Chen can not do anything about you, and we have a little calculation, waiting for rabbits, can set up a Bureau waiting for the arrival of the Magic Rock Dynasty." When the time comes, all of them will be served in one pot, and the harvest will be quite large. One pot end. Even though Lin's courage was not small, he was still shocked by the mink's mind. However, he was not a timid person. After thinking of the final harvest, his eyes also showed a touch of heat. If he could really do it, the harvest would be very satisfying. Are you sure? Lin blinked his eyes and whispered. Hey, who didn't calculate in those days? These horns, which are not even puppies and kittens, are not difficult. …… The mink said proudly. Lin moved to see this is also a smile, but the heart is still reserved, this guy may have been very fierce before, but after all, that is before. "The brand in your body, although I have been able to erase, but still keep to guide them, these time, I will teach you some ways to skillfully devour Zu Fu, some of its power, now I think you can barely urge.." The little mink clapped his paws, and his thin eyes sparkled with a palpitating cunning. Then he slanted his head and looked into the distance. He said with a smile, "What bullshit Magic Rock Dynasty dares to be so arrogant in front of the mink master. As long as they dare to come, the mink master will let them all come and go!" Lin moved his palm to rub the small inflammation beside him, smiled slightly, that drooping eyes, there is also a lot of cold surge, originally thought to escape for a period of time, now it seems that it does not have to be so troublesome. The Magic Rock Dynasty hopes that the people you sent out this time really have some foundation, otherwise the game will not be fun. Lin move murmur voice, in this green peak, quietly spread. It has to be said that the courage of one person and one mink is really great to a certain situation. When the outside world is sympathizing and gloating for the pursuit they are about to face, they have already taken the initiative to set up a game, waiting for the arrival of the strong of the Magic Rock Dynasty. The position between the hunter and the prey always changes inadvertently. Just don't know,Low Rpm Electric Motor, this chase and anti-chase, who is it, just to be able to laugh to the end.