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Blue Badge (28th Nov 22 at 12:45am UTC)Quote Reply
The Iron-blooded Grand Duke was originally worried about the safety of Sarin, and the two men flying from the west were all of the rank of Zhenwu. Zhenwu's flying speed is still faster than that of the magic teacher. He is afraid that Sarin will be close to him. If he is killed carelessly, his loss will be great. With Sarin as an ally, he would never be short of supplies, and he did not know how long he would have to prepare for the attack on Alchemy City without Sarin's support. If Rex were in charge of two countries, he would not be able to sign any covenant with him. Rex, after all, was a Gluckos, with a huge family standing behind him, and Sarin was alone, with the backing of the Magus of Srigg Island, but there was no blood relationship. The mages of Srigg Island will not want to contend for hegemony in the mainland, nor will they become emperors. If you don't see Sarin's magic booster, the Iron-blooded Grand Duke will regret summoning the dragon. If the ten-level magician has the magic booster, his fighting power will be much stronger than that of the ten-level Zhenwu. How could such a clever man as Sarin be approached by Zhenwu. But already exposed the strength, the Iron-blooded Grand Duke simply made a quick decision, the purple and gold dragon under his crotch roared angrily, and the sound wave of the dragon's roar crossed Salin and directly attacked the two flying Zhenwu strong men. The two really strong body in the air can not help a meal, 12 of the purple and gold dragon, they simply can not resist. In one minute, Sarin's two ice picks of thunder and lightning had already hit their bodies. Sarin did not pursue a fatal blow, and the two lightning ice picks were shot in the lower abdomen, which was the most difficult to dodge. Now Salin had only two ice picks of thunder and lightning left. After he hit two Zhenwu, he threw himself down and stopped at a distance of 100 meters from the sea. Two ice picks of thunder and lightning were shot into the sea. There was red blood in the sea, and Sarin did not hesitate to jump and stay. There was also a guy hidden in the sea, who was shot by the ice cone of thunder and lightning and bled, indicating that this man could resist the burns of thunder and lightning. It can resist burns, but I don't know if it can resist paralysis. Sarin doesn't want to let this man go. The man, who was lurking under the water, was not killed by two lightning ice picks fired by himself, but was injured, which made Salin get up. When the Iron-blooded Grand Duke saw Sarin enter the water, his dragon had come to the two ten-level Zhenwu, and without any skill, the Zijin dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the two ten-level Zhenwu. The Zijin dragon made a swallowing action, which was very pleasant. With the Iron-blooded Grand Duke, it is not allowed to kill at will, nor to eat any creatures, which makes it very depressed, but there is an exception, that is, when the Iron-blooded Grand Duke fights with people. At this time, not to mention that it eats people, Marble Granite Price ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, even if it is a massacre, the Iron-blooded Grand Duke will not stop it. The purple and gold dragon ate two seriously injured humans and plunged into the water with Sarin. Sarin's elemental eye didn't see what was under the sea, but it saw very clearly that Sarin's ice pick of thunder and lightning hit not a human, but a crystal sea serpent. There was a man hiding under the crystal sea serpent, ready to give Sarin a fatal blow. The Zijin dragon could see clearly that Sarin would not be in any danger. It rushed into the sea for the sake of the crystal sea serpent. The crystal sea serpent is highly venomous, and its defensive power is comparable to that of a dragon. The level of this creature has never been below nine. Hit by Sarin's ice pick of thunder and lightning, the crystal sea serpent fell into a state of paralysis and shed blood. This sea snake is a hundred times more delicious than human food for the purple and gold dragon. Dragons are not afraid of toxins, and sometimes they go out of their way to swallow some highly poisonous things to improve their strength. Purple gold dragon is like this, the moment its body enters the water, it releases a dragon magic, the body of the crystal sea snake is torn violently by the current, blood burst, the body is also sucked in front of the purple gold dragon. When the sea snake was paralyzed, he saw the purple and gold dragon with a frightened look in his eyes. "Leave the magic core to Sarin," said the Iron-blooded Grand Duke. "That's his booty!" Zijin Dragon understood the words of the Iron-blooded Grand Duke, and although he was dissatisfied, he did not dare to disobey them. With a slight mistake, its dragon's teeth have decomposed the body of the crystal sea snake, and the flesh and blood of the poison sac have been swallowed into its stomach, leaving behind a pair of Guge, snakeskin and magic core.
As soon as the Iron-blooded Grand Duke picked up the dragon lance, he took three things in his hand, and the battle of Sarin over there was over. One of Sarin's thunder phantoms was released, and suddenly there were twelve more of Sarin's doppelgangers in the water. The assassin lurking in the water subconsciously went to distinguish, and immediately seven orifices bled. The scroll in Sarin's hand was released, but it was an ice bomb with a blue flame burning on it. The assassin had recovered with a flash of white light, and such a huge soul injury seemed to be a minor injury to the assassin. He had a dagger in his hand and threw it out to pierce the ice bomb. The dagger arced in the water, trying to continue attacking Sarin, but was burned and deformed by the blue flame on the ice bomb. This flame can burn continuously in water, and the temperature can be imagined. All the apparitions of Sarin had surrounded the man. The assassin was at a loss, because all the phantoms could not be distinguished by the naked eye, and if he used his mental strength to explore them, he would cause serious harm to himself. With such a hesitation, the purple and gold dragon of the Iron-blooded Grand Duke was already in front of him, and the dragon opened its mouth and bit it down. The assassin's body rolled in the water, trying to escape, and a waterspout had formed near the mouth of the purple and gold dragon, trapping it. When the dragon wants to eat, it's not just hunting like Warcraft, it's magic. Not long after the poor assassin reached the tenth level, he met such freaks as Sarin and the Iron-blooded Grand Duke. One magician was good at close combat, and the other had a powerful dragon as a mount. The defense of the purple and gold dragon is to let the assassin attack, and the assassin can't hurt it. The weakness of Zijin Dragon is that its magic defense is low, but it is as high as level 12, and it is difficult for level 10 magic to cause damage to it. Sarin turned over and rushed to the water, looking to the west, which was the location of the Alchemy City. The Alchemy City already knows that the Devil's Horn has been attacked,grey marble slab, and may already know the outcome of the battle. This is not a good thing, their own domain has quietly blocked the nearby space, but still let the news spread out.
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