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Invincible upgrade (28th Nov 22 at 12:43am UTC)Quote Reply
"I even killed the king of the world, but I'm going to die here. Damn it, if I still have a life to live, I won't use the power of the big way to kill next time.." …… Now the knowledge of the sea simply can not withstand the impact of the'big kill way 'power, the reason why the knowledge of the sea will be so great turmoil is mostly because of the sword body burst out of the big kill way power, unbearable, but also with a strong bite back. Big kill way is like a fierce horse, although belongs to Qin Tian, but with his present strength simply can not be tamed. Otherwise, it is impossible to cause such great harm to the knowledge of the sea. Hum! "Hum.." Suddenly. A powerful force suddenly appeared in Qin Tian's knowledge of the sea, almost in an instant to suppress the storm in his knowledge of the sea, can not help but so, suddenly calm down, together with the primordial God standing like a rock. That mental pain is gone! Power, powerful spiritual power. Qin Tian was shocked by such a powerful force. He said in his heart, "I'm afraid even the old monster of the Dragon and Elephant Temple can't release such a powerful force, can it?" "Who is it?" Qin Tian's face recovered. He stood up and looked at the empty surroundings and felt strange. Ha-ha "Whoo ha ha." …… The whole dead zone was shaken by the sound of wild laughter. Lord of the world?! Qin Tian frowned, the power of laughter is more vigorous than the King of Yang Lie,digital whiteboard price, incomparably powerful, the heart immediately thought of the Lord of the Holy World, and only he will appear in the dead land, and then looked around eight black-winged demons suddenly understand. It turned out to be a trap. The Eight Demons have the power to kill. As long as King Yang Lie opens the death array, the Black Wing Demon God will be killed in an instant. Unexpectedly, King Yang Lie died before the battle array was opened. Now hear such arrogant laughter,outdoor digital signage displays, Qin Tianyue is sure that the forbidden place of death is a trap, originally also wanted to open the death array, now it seems that fortunately Yang Lie Wang did not burst out'soul 'or he will really open. A treasure that even the Lord of the world wants. Must be a super powerful existence, how can Qin Tian not be tempted? But who would have thought that the Dead Land was actually set up by the Lord of the Holy World, and that it was prepared three million years ago. Almost.. Qin Tian felt a burst of fear in his heart. As soon as the laughter fell, the sky roared, the dark light flashed over the death array, and the space twisted. Then a space door like a transport array appeared. A middle-aged man came out of the space with a smile on his face and a very excited look. The man's face is as resolute as a knife, his eyebrows are in the air, his eyes are strong, and his flashing eyes are breathtaking. The man is none other than the Lord of the Holy World, Ao Yi! "Good, good, digital signage kiosk ,digital signage screen, good!" "I'm so excited that the Lord of the Sun should die at your hands." Ao Yi laughed, in the space shuttle he sensed everything, in the moment of the death of King Yang Lie, he almost clapped. The cultivation of the Lord Fen Shen is less than one in ten thousand of the real body, but the'mortal 'who can slay the Lord Fen Shen with a sword has never appeared. Now appear, but also the people of the holy world, Ao Yi how can not be happy? This pair of the king of the world in the near future is simply more than a trump card, the position of the king of the world more than a point of protection, Ao Yi's heart now has thought of himself when the king on the world that day, the heart is naturally very happy, see Qin Tian know sea chaos, between the snap of a finger to release a world Lord pressure into Qin Tian know sea, will know the chaos in the sea to suppress down, for him, Qin Tian is a treasure now, and naturally he won't let him die. See Lord of the Realm! Qin Tianshi said respectfully, not daring to think about it in his mind. Ao Yi was stunned. He was a little surprised that Qin Tian had guessed his identity. But the next second he was relieved. The man who could slay King Yang Lie with a sword was so clever that he could know who he was after a little analysis. Then he smiled and was in a good mood. He said, "You don't have to stick to these details.". You helped me get rid of the Fen Shen of King Yang Lie. I can't imagine that the Bureau I laid three million years ago didn't work. Ha ha.. "Sure enough!" Qin Tian felt a shock in his heart and said with a smile on his face, "If you hadn't set up the game, he wouldn't have come.".
” How noble is the identity of the Lord of the world? Usually do not say is to speak, see one side is the supreme glory, in the eyes of Qin Tian Ao Yi is a thigh, the thickest thigh in the holy world. If you curry favor at this time, there will be unexpected gains in the future, which will be of great help to Meng Lei's entry into the holy world in the future. In a word, it is not easy to divide a mountain range for him? Qin Tian has offended many people in the holy world. Although he is not afraid, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not cause harm to his friends in the future. If he has the protection of the Lord, I am afraid that even the family of the four gods and beasts will not dare to provoke him easily. Ha-ha Ao Yi was overjoyed to hear what Qin Tian had said. He was silent about his great achievements. Suspended over the great array of death, he said, "Whose door are you in the holy world?" "Eh?!" Qin Tian's thoughts were flying and he quickly replied, "I don't belong to any Shengzong forces. I'm just a casual practitioner.". It was several great monks of the Dragon and Elephant Temple who sent me to the Dead Land. They said that I was too heavy to practice the way of heaven, so they sent me here to cultivate myself or something. "Oh?!" "Dragon and Elephant Temple." Ao Yi's eyes narrowed slightly, a little surprised, but Qin Tian's words he did not doubt that no one in the holy world could deceive him. Without the strength of the eight peerless masters of the Dragon and Elephant Temple, the Tianshan Transmission Array could not be started at all. Of course. Qin Tian naturally knew that he could not deceive Ao Yi, so he simply said that the Lord of the world did not know the existence and psychology of the Dragon and Elephant Temple, so he would not say that he was a person of the Dragon and Elephant Temple, and that he was not a person of the Long Xiang Temple, but a casual practitioner. The ability of the Lord is far beyond Qin Tian's imagination, in front of him. Qin Tian must be careful. Ao Yi's eyes flashed a sharp cold awn,face detection android, which was fleeting. Then he said with a faint smile, "You really have a strong sense of killing. The practice of killing runs counter to the way of heaven in the Dragon and Elephant Temple. There are not many people who practice killing in the holy world. Luo Yan of the Shuramen is one of them.". You What is your name? Qin Tian's heart tightened and he said, "Qin Tian." 。
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