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Blood falls in love with a cat at night _ Mr. Nigh (16th Nov 22 at 2:37am UTC)
Blood falls in love with a cat at night _ Mr. Night
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Captain Ning took a deep breath and raised his head, as if to swallow the tears that were about to gush out. Finally, he sadly wiped the corners of his eyes and sighed: I didn't expect that he would end up like his father. Fortunately, he was not dragged away by his son this time. We're working on it. The medical examiner continued. Yeah, all right. Captain Ning threw the cigarette fart on the ground and spun it into the earth with his feet. Must try to restore the original appearance, the human body to find a way to put on the police uniform, to get a new set, before informing his mother, let me see. Criminal Investigation Brigade. I still didn't get rid of Captain Ning's 24-hour ban and stayed in his office. On the desk was a pile of case logs from the husband's home. Captain Ning looked through them page by page. The cigarettes in his hands were one after another, but the words were getting less and less. I'm afraid no one could understand what a blow it was to him to learn the death of his best subordinate and his closest comrade-in-arms one morning after another. Thinking for a long time, but did not find the appropriate language of comfort, I found that my mind is also very confused, in a succession of deaths, summer did not have the slightest sound, I suddenly very afraid of these cases what progress, what discovery, can not imagine,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, in case I really suddenly heard the news of summer's death, what kind of expression will it have? Even the most serene and peaceful way to die, not to mention so far, all the people who have passed away have ended up in an unbearable cruel way. After quickly turning over the last page of notes, Captain Ning suddenly put his hands together and covered his face. After that, he quickly turned on the computer to bring up a web page and asked me: Have you seen it? Bleeding tombstone! I shook my head and nodded hesitantly. What's going on? I seem to have some impression,L Methylfolate Factory, but I can't remember it clearly. I only remember that Selina used to like to see similar haunted websites. I don't remember whether there is such a website or not. I thought about it carefully and said. It's Selina again. That's nice. How could such a big living person suddenly not be heard from. Captain Ning, talking to himself, suddenly picked up the phone and called in a police officer. He said to the police officer almost without any room for negotiation. Tell the technical department to find out the detailed server address of this website before 4:00 p.m. and inform everyone to hold a Plenary meeting in ten minutes. Just then, a forensic doctor knocked on the door and carefully handed over several transparent evidence bags. This was recovered from the scene. Captain Ning took the evidence bag, first of all, a pistol! The gun has been tested, and there are at least four people's fingerprints on it, the husband's, the Ah Shi's, and someone else's, which are being compared. The medical examiner said. Did you find out the cause of death? Captain Ning gazed at the gun. Yes, the man was shot twice, D BHB Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, once in the ribs and the fatal shot in the right temple. From the scene posture, it looks like he fired the shot himself, but we can't rule out the possibility of postmortem posing. The medical examiner said very quickly. Soso's throat was crushed and he died of suffocation, with signs of a brief struggle or struggle before he died. Captain Ning listened and picked up the second evidence bag with an expressionless face. At the same time, I lost my mind as if I had been shot suddenly. I was completely at a loss! It was an earring, thin silver twisted into the shape of an s, with glittering artificial diamonds at both ends. The s stood for summer, which was a gift from me on her birthday last year! Have you seen it? I don't know when Captain Ning noticed my expression. He raised the bag and looked at it carefully. Suddenly he asked me. Yes Yes, I gave it to summer. October 4th 10:30 The secret meeting of the Criminal Investigation Brigade was held on time. I was arranged to participate together, because the suspects related to the case, whether they are Selina's mother and daughter, or summer, are only familiar to me. Captain Ning solemnly pointed to the detailed panoramic map of the park and said: This mission is scheduled to be carried out on time at ten o'clock in the evening. As a raid, it must be fast, accurate, and efficient! A combat unit is made up of three people in a group, and all personnel involved in the war must carefully check their guns and bulletproof vests, and maintain the normal use of communication equipment. Three medical support teams are on guard at the gates of the three parks at any time, ready to rescue at any time without delay.
The target of the operation is all suspicious people, suspicious equipment, suspicious buildings, and all cats! Better to catch a thousand wrong than slip through the net! In this large-scale search, safety is the most important thing. No unit or individual is allowed to take any action other than the action plan without authorization. Before making any major decision, you must report to the headquarters and inform all other groups around you in time; Any unexpected situation must be reported to the headquarters immediately, and in case of danger, personal safety must be guaranteed at all costs! I will join you in this mission. I hope you will understand that the actions of any one of you will affect not only yourself, but also the lives of all your comrades around you, so you must strictly observe discipline! I want each of you back in one piece! A depressing solemnity, no one spoke, no one clapped hands, too many deaths in the past few days, permeated every inch of space in this police station, penetrated into everyone's heart. After the meeting, I followed Captain Ning back to the police station again. He handed me a bulletproof vest: Wear it at night. I don't know what will happen. You go into the park with me at night. Why the sudden urgency? I asked in puzzlement. We can't delay any longer, we must get the initiative back! Captain Ning's eyes are not firm. Since the opponent often starts from the park, I believe that there must be their stronghold hidden in this park, we must find him out, even if we frighten the real mastermind away! If we go on like this, we will sacrifice in vain and gain nothing. With these words,Thyroid Powder Factory, he pulled me to stand in front of the window and looked out into the distance. The street was bustling, as if nothing had happened. In this world, one can never predict what is hidden in the darkness around you.
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