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Chunjiang Huayue Author: Penglaike (16th Nov 22 at 2:36am UTC)
Chunjiang Huayue Author: Penglaike
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Gao Yongrong seemed to be furious. He suddenly patted the table. His face was bloodied and his lips turned blue. He shivered and scolded, "Liu Hui, how dare you!"! How dare you disobey me! Your Majesty is my own son, usually the most obedient to me! As long as I say in front of him, it's easy to get your head! Do you think I dare not kill you? With a look of surprise on their faces, they looked at each other again, lowered their heads more and more, and kept silent. When Liu Hui saw her eyes twinkling, she gradually realized that something was wrong with her. She said perfunctorily, "My crime.." But I wonder if the queen mother has any way to defeat the enemy? Only then did Gao Yongrong's face slow down a little. His eyes shone with excitement. He whispered, "I want you to go to see Li Mu and say that I am willing to abdicate. You coax him to be happy. While he is unprepared, you kill him with a knife for me!"! As long as he is dead, I will ask your majesty to make you the prime minister. Feng Wei, that fool, has no use at all! "Didn't Your Majesty die already?" Said Liu Hui tentatively? How can the queen mother let your majesty make me prime minister again? As soon as Gao Yongrong's face changed, he said angrily, Nonsense! Who said my Den'er died? Do you dare to curse your majesty? Are you tired of living? Liu Hui finally determined, in front of this Gao Yongrong, afraid is already delirious. At that moment, while perfunctory, he turned around and took to his heels. Just walked a few steps, heard a burst of footsteps behind him, and before he could turn back,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he was pushed to the ground by Gao Yongrong's palm. Liu Qing, are you not listening to me? Are you going to inform and please Li Mu? He turned his head and saw Gao Yongrong looking down at him, his eyes faint and his tone sad. The dim candle was swept by the wind from the corner of the hall, swaying a few times, which made her look more and more annoying. Liu Hui is also willing to come here tonight, is really want to find out her intention, and then go to Li Mu there to report, in order to trust the idea of the new king. Seeing that her purpose was exposed by her, she was pushed to the ground again. Without scruple,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, she scolded, "You crazy woman, you are still dreaming of your Spring and Autumn Dream!"! Had it not been for your incompetence, how could I have been buried alive and lost all my money? And now you're forcing me to stab Li Mu? Do you think Li Mu is so prickly? You're out of your mind. I'm leaving! Then he got up from the ground and turned to walk out of the hall. But before he had taken a few steps, his back suddenly cooled, and then a sharp pain came from that part just now and quickly spread all over his body. Liu Hui froze in place, slowly turned back, only to know that a dagger, inserted into his back. Holding the handle of the dagger in her hand, Gao Yongrong said with a sneer, "You know my secret, but you don't work for me. You betray me.". Want to go? It's not that easy! Go to hell! She pulled out the dagger, clenched her teeth, and continued to stab Liu Hui. Stabbing and laughing. With her movements, blood kept flowing out of Liu Hui's body. Liu Hui struggled desperately, finally escaped from Gao Yongrong's dagger, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,30ml Dropper Bottle, stumbled, fled to the door, escaped a few steps, was caught up with, stabbed a knife, fell to the ground again, knocked down the row of candlesticks. The candle fell to the ground and burned the curtain, and the flames spread and rose rapidly. Gao Yongrong gnashed his teeth and continued to wield his knife and stab at random. Liu Hui crawled on the ground, dragging out a long blood stain under her body. Several imperial clans present were shocked by the sudden scene in front of them. See Gao Yongrong eyes ferocious, brandishing a dagger, stabbed Liu Hui on the ground, like crazy, suddenly turned his head, two eyes, as if shooting at himself, all scared out of their wits, which dare to stay again, have run away. The sound of Liu Hui's howl of pain filled the hall on fire for a long time. Chapter 170 After a long separation, my wife is pregnant. All the hard work on the road was swept away. Li Mu's joy is beyond words. It was getting dark soon, and they had a meal together. He took her by the hand and was about to take a walk by the river to digest food when he suddenly saw a red light in the distance, in the direction north of Jiankang City. There seems to be a fire in the city! Not a moment later, the exact news was passed to the two men. The palace is on fire. The temple that first caught fire was the one where Gao Yongrong was. …… General Gao has transferred his hands to put out the fire urgently, and ordered the villains to come here to inform fu and his wife.
The fire is too big, the queen mother. Has died in the rear hall of the Taichu Palace. The messenger knelt there, bowed his head, and stopped. Li Mu quickly looked at Luo Shen and asked for details. The man said, "According to the imperial clan who escaped from the fire, the Empress Dowager secretly summoned several of them to the palace tonight. After they went there, they realized that they were planning to do harm to Fu.". Liu Shizhong went with him. Liu Shizhong's irreverent attitude made the queen mother unhappy, and was satirized by Liu Shizhong. The queen mother was furious. She took out a dagger hidden in advance and stabbed Liu Shizhong at random. They fled in fear, and then the rear hall caught fire.. "The palace people were not allowed to approach before, and when they found the fire, they heard the queen mother's cry for help coming from inside, but the fire was so big that they couldn't get in.." The man was still talking, and Luo Shen looked at the cluster of red light that seemed to be beating in the distant night and froze. A hand slipped out from the side and took her hand. Luo Shen came to his senses and turned to look at Li Mu. He saw him looking at himself with hidden worries in his eyes. He suppressed the shock caused by the sudden news in his heart and calmed down: "I have nothing to do. Don't worry about me.." Be that as it may, when I think of the sisters I used to get along with since I was a child, I still feel a sense of unspeakable sadness in my heart, and I am silent. Li Mu held her in his arms and patted her on the back soothingly. "I'll take you back to your room first," he whispered. "I'll go to the city and have a look." Then he picked her up, went into the room, put her on the bed, covered her with a quilt, ordered the maid to accompany her, and hurried away. Luo Shen can not sleep, also can not settle down, sleep wake up, has been waiting, the next morning, Li Mu finally came back. He arrived yesterday. Before that, he slept in the open air. It was hard and he didn't have much rest. Last night, this happened again. I'm afraid he was already tired. When he came back,Amber Dropper Bottles, he got up and asked him if he was hungry and asked someone to pass the meal. Li Mu's eyes were bloodshot, shaking his head, helping her lie down and telling her to rest again. Luo Shen plucked up his courage and asked about the fire in the palace.
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