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Celestial artifact (23rd Nov 22 at 12:57am UTC)Quote Reply
Under the attack of the thunder eagle, the house where Longyi Tianyu hid collapsed. Longyi Tianyu ran out and just wanted to continue to escape, a flash of lightning engulfed him. System: Longyi Tianyu is cleared from the strategic map. System: Your guild has gained ownership of the Strategy Map. The Strategy Map Fortress will open in three hours. You have gained the allegiance of all the soldiers of the Strategy Map Fortress. The strategic map of the first order is a plain surrounded by mountains, with only one canyon as the exit, and the mouth of the valley is guarded by a towering important case. Originally, the vision of this map was dark, and the fortress belonged to the clan tribe, but now, the fortress belongs to Xiang Qi. Xiang Qi looked at the forces inside the fortress, a total of only five hundred four-rank guards soldiers, five hundred four-rank guards archers, plus the fortress's solid defense, the five families did not develop a large number of three-rank soldiers or air forces, absolutely unable to capture the fortress. It's finally done. Liu Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. You find a thunder eagle and give me the prophet bracelet. You don't have to come in secret. Develop it well inside. Clear all the thunder eagle nests as soon as possible. I'll draw twenty thousand gold coins for you. Recruit a large number of thunder eagles. If you recruit enough thunder eagles, go to clear the dragon nest. Xiang Qidao, Liu Tianming's task has just begun. Why am I so miserable? Liu Tianming is miserable. Come on, don't think you're the only one. "Our life is not easy in the world.". Two hours later, J will start charging. Let's charge five point cards first, so as not to waste time. Xiang Qidao, now the card will not be deducted for the time being. It will be deducted after the charge. If it has not been charged after the charge, you can't log in to the account. Servers are about to start charging,Investment casting parts, point card transactions are becoming increasingly popular, and the price of point cards has also risen, from three gold coins to as many as seven gold coins. Fortunately, Xiang Qi has hoarded more than 6,000 point cards at a low price before, which can meet the needs of three Internet cafes for the time being. Point card prices are not yet stable, just like stock prices, if the speculation is overheated,alloy die casting, point card prices will slowly pull back, if the demand is still large, point cards will continue to heat up. Let's wait for the price to stabilize before buying. Are you ready to upgrade the city? Long Yi Tianyu asked in the group chat that he had managed to scrape together more than 16,000 gold, and there was still a long way to go to upgrade. Of course it needs to be upgraded. Poison Bird said vaguely that in fact he had earned more than 30,000 gold through the consignment card, which would be used to upgrade the city and build various buildings, and he was considering when it would be more appropriate to upgrade the city. Other families have only got more than ten thousand gold, or barely saved up. Luna has been upgraded to the 20th city. West Germany said, he remembered the seven words, faintly wavering, the first order strategic map was occupied by the moon God, the moon God has been upgraded to a second small city, the development is much faster than them, they are still scheming here, Steel investment casting ,Stainless steel foundry, so it is difficult to defeat the moon God. What shall we do, fight or not? The poisonous bird asked. He hoped the war would go on quickly. If it was postponed any longer, there might be no chance. The five families realized the importance of the sea, annexed many small guilds, seized the sea, and built towns and ports in these sea outlets. They have learned, too, to know that there are now on the island of Niphen, which they are all afraid of. Floating forces, no longer dare to be as arrogant and presumptuous as before, choose places that are easy to defend and difficult to attack the coastal canyons, and place a large number of long-range forces. Run these places like hedgehogs, and even if Xiang Qi finds them, he can't get rid of them. In addition, the five families are also looking for players with special talents among the members of the guild, starting to recruit soldiers, upgrade the air force, and finally have some results after a lot of efforts. When do we go to war with the moon God? Purple fire asked, "If they don't fight, they won't have a chance. Just take refuge in the moon God." Wait a little longer, organize the troops first, and then attack at night. Don't give away the time to your troops. Longyi Tianyu Road, the defense of the village is generally weak at night. Suddenly, several announcements were issued. System announcement: The Luna Guild has declared war on the Dragon Wing Family. System announcement: The Luna Guild has declared war on the Poison Bird family. Five stripes. As soon as the announcement came out, all the players in the whole island of Niffen were in an uproar.
"Moon God?"? Isn't that the guild that just captured the strategic map? "Yes, it's awesome to declare war on the five guilds at the same time." Players initially thought that the defeat of the five guilds in the first-order strategic map was acceptable, after all, in the first-order strategic map, everyone's initial resources were the same, but the Moon God declared war on the five guilds at the same time, which was a bear's heart! Are the leaders of the moon gods all out of their minds? Celestial Artifact Chapter 112 Bird Body Banshee Dragon ( Updated: April 16, 2010 9:44:37 Words in this chapter: 4476 7001114344 chapter 112 harpy dragon. Second, people are talking about it. They all think that the moon God has overrated himself. Because in his "four lights" act, the five families are the five most powerful forces on the island of Niffen, the absolute overlord, the moon God can only be ranked sixth at most, and now the sixth should challenge the five families in front of it at the same time, isn't this a very unreasonable thing? "The moon God is not crazy, thinking that he will be invincible if he grabs the strategic map?"? What's more, his strategic map has not been developed yet! "I don't think so. Luna Studio is so famous. Who doesn't know?"? Looking at the previous battle videos of the Luna Guild, only a small number of mercenaries can beat the enemy to pieces, black snakes, killers, less defeated in their hands? Do you think they're going to declare war on the other five families when they're not sure? "That's true.". Small. Players generally agree with the second point of view, after all, the moon God first declared war on the concubine family, the momentum of the advantage. I heard that the moon God was the first to build a small city,die casting parts, but also built two in a row, the five families have not even upgraded the city until now. I think the five families are going to die. "Moon God, Niubi!" 。
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