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The world of roses (23rd Nov 22 at 12:57am UTC)Quote Reply
Therefore, when all kinds of delicacies were placed on the wine table, she only glanced at them lightly, without saying a word, and when everyone picked up their knives and forks, she followed them to eat. She behaved gracefully like a lady of a good family, which was so far from the image of the country bumpkin she had just looked around in the street that the beauties of the gossip group thought that they had accidentally pulled the wrong person. Tut, tut, tut, this soup is so thick that it tastes terrible! This green vegetables are fried yellow, it is a waste of vitamins, and also, look at the crystal elbow, bite can not move, how to eat ah! Failure, this chef is really a failure! "Jacko!"! Am I eating or are you eating? If you don't want to taste it, go to bed. Don't always make noise here! Rose depressed to spit out the elbow meat in the mouth, already eat uncomfortable,CNC machining parts, but also endure Xiaojie's wordy, under the double blow what appetite is gone. Forget it, let's eat some cauliflower. Green vegetables are rare and precious in York City. Now we can't miss the chance. Besides, we don't know where dinner is. We can't go hungry. Looking up at the only dish of vegetables on the table, I met Kuqi's deep eyes. Well, why is he always staring at me. Cuzzi had been watching her for a long time, and almost from the moment he saw her,Magnetic Drain Plug, his eyes followed her involuntarily. I just wanted to see how she was different from before, he told himself. Seeing that she was eating very slowly and very hard, she finally lost control of her mouth and asked, "Rose, is the dish not appetizing?" "Well, no, I just..". I'm not used to the food here. Seeing everyone watching her with concern, Rose lowered her head with embarrassment and was eager to hide under the table. She dared not say that the food was not delicious. What if people said that they did not know how to taste and appreciate it? Isn't it a laughing stock? "Brother, this dish is not delicious!" Sisi's sentence was a solution, and Rose felt that she had the courage to come back to the table. Well, you used to like to eat here. Vitas couldn't figure it out. He felt that the taste of the dish was no different from before. What, not as good as stew in a caravan! Luoluo threw the fork into the plate, and her slender body fell down on the back of the chair, die casting parts ,non standard fasteners, and she couldn't eat any more. Dang Dang Dang, put all the forks back on the plate, and the resentment of the beauties was about to drown Vitas. How can the food of a small caravan feed your little mouths? Vitas looked at his brother incredulously. Harry and Robert were as confused as he was, except for Cuzzi. Compared with York City, the cooking method here is a bit of a problem. Cuzzi looked straight at someone. "Right, Rose?" "This.." Rose nervously glanced at the corridor outside the door, to see if there was a restaurant waiter passing by, in other people's restaurants that other people's food is not good, this is a provocative act, maybe it will cause a fight between chefs. She gave Kuqi a complaining look. "Shut up quickly. It won't be a good end to bring the shopkeeper here!"! Kuqi seemed to be against her, recalling in a tone of infinite nostalgia: "I really miss the rabbit meat made by roses, whether braised or dry pot, it makes people's teeth and cheeks fragrant!" Faint.. Out for so many years. Does he remember the rabbit meat she cooked? "Yes, yes, and that delicious mushroom soup, drooling ah.." Sisi a face of greed: "Rose, you can do those dishes, right?" "I still have some rabbit meat, but now.." "Aha!"! I knew Rose was the best! That's the decision. We'll go to your place for dinner tonight! Sisi clapped hands with Luoluo excitedly: "Yeah!"! There's something good to eat! Kuqi smiled like a fox: "Rose, I want to go, too." What kind of person is this? Rose doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. There is a sense of frustration on the pirate ship. She doesn't even know where the college is. They just want her to invite them to dinner? And, will her residence have a kitchen? Don't worry, someone has thought of these questions for her.
Xiang Xiang Teng stood up and said, "Let's send Rose back to the college. She has to register and divide the dormitory." "Yes, yes!" The beauties immediately dragged up the roses and ran away. Of course, some of them were gentle, and one was a nightingale, who was not in a hurry at any time, and was so calm that she did not look like a girl of sixteen. The other was Jiejie. She was waiting for Harry. She just watched Harry eat this meal. Her eyes were as thick as chicken soup in a bowl. You two are still eating! They're all gone! Kuqi shouted at the two guys who were still working hard and ran out in a hurry. Harry asked Jiejie, "Where are they going?"? Haven't you finished your meal yet? There are so many dishes! Jiejie gently pulled up his arm, like a gentle little wife: "They are all back to the college, shall we go too?" Robert had a chill and almost spat out a piece of fat he had just eaten. He got up and ran out. It was so sour! The anxious beauties called a taxicab and clattered straight to the college. After running a few steps, they remembered that all the people had not arrived yet. They had to stop and wait for the slow Jiejie and Harry. They finally climbed into the taxi and immediately urged the driver to go quickly. For the first time since they arrived at the college, they felt that the magnificent gate of the college was so kind and lovely. Before Rose could enjoy the scenery of the college, the carriage stopped in front of the dean's office building. Xiang Xiang kicked her out of the carriage and said, "We'll wait for you in the dormitory area!" Clang clang clang.. The car went away again. In a twinkling of an eye, it disappeared in the tree-shaded campus, leaving only a Rose classmate who had not yet woken up standing in a daze, the autumn wind blowing. From then on, the withered and yellow leaves clattered and rolled over her instep, bleak and lonely. After a while, looking up at the headmaster's building hidden in several big trees,metal stamping parts, Rose sighed lightly, took out Mr. Robles'letter of introduction from the space bag, and walked slowly into the seemingly dark and gloomy building door.
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