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The divine mind does not always exist. With the time of use, the amount of mind will decrease in turn. Hua Yun estimates that a single mind can only last for more than an hour. The longer the delay, the faster the mind will be consumed. It's your turn! Hua Yun moved his eyes to Bull standing on the high platform. Bull's eyes narrowed and his figure flashed. Disappeared in the same place. Hua Yun was surprised to see Bull so fast for the first time. If there is no speed mind, Hua Yun's speed is less than half of Bull's. In fact, Hua Yun's speed is fast in the low position. But Hua Yun did not take into account the strength gap between himself and Bull, no matter how fast the speed of the low command, it can not be compared with the high command. Hua Yun has no superfluous nonsense, now time is the most important thing for him, the blue halo on his body, disappeared in place. Boom, boom! At the top of the sky, from time to time, there was a sound of explosion. Except for a few powerful magic dragons who can see the shadows in the sky, most of the magic dragons can only judge the sound of the explosion. Hua Yun is not not going to save Ben Lei first. But because of Bull's obstruction. Hua Yun knew very well that if he wanted to save Ben Lei, he had to defeat Bull first. Space against the sky, space is still! Hua Yun did not stay, the net and Bull fight, directly out of the space static. Boole, who was concentrated by the stillness of space, had a slight body. Of course,Coil Nail Making Machine, it's just a little meal. The gap of strength makes the effect of space static slightly worse. However, this meal did buy Hua Yun some time. With the combination of speed and spirit, Hua Yun was tied with Bull. Looking at the strength shown by Hua Yun, Bull was very surprised. I finally know why my two brothers will be defeated by you, so you are not an ordinary low leader. In the midst of the struggle, Bull suddenly spoke. I'm flattered! Hua Yun snorted three times. I have to admit that with your strange doppelganger, plus the ability of stillness and speed mind, it is absolutely impossible for me to kill you in a short time. But have you thought about it? What if your mind runs out? Bull hit the nail on the head. For Hua Yun, now the spirit of Fen Shen, static ability and speed mind are indispensable. Without any of these three things, Huayun would not be able to fight Boole. There is a time limit for the use of the mind. Bull is right. What if the mind is exhausted? "Wait until it runs out.". Hua Yun finished, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine price, more and more violent. Bull, on the other hand, easily coped with Huayun's attack, and the gap in strength was obvious. Bull is now only fighting against Huayun in human form, that is to say, he is only fighting with half his strength. With half the strength to deal with Hua Yun, Bull is a little too confident. But for Bull, Hua Yun is not enough to force him to do his best. To kill Hua Yun, it is very simple for Bull. It is not that he does not want to avenge his two brothers. As long as he tries his best, it is not a problem to kill Hua Yun. But Bull does not want to be so cheap Huayun, it wants to let Huayun know the pain of losing his brother. Time slowly passed, and Hua Yun's mind became less and less. Looking at Hua Yun's mind decreasing, Bull smiled. The strength difference is two levels, and it is useless to make up for it. In the absence of God's mind, Hua Yun can really kill a leader by relying on the spirit of the Fen Shen and space static. But Boole is a high leader, but also a mutant dragon, the strength of the high leader is even stronger than the human. Hua Yun was able to draw with Boole in human form with the use of a speed mind. This was already quite a surprise to Bull. You know, the speed of the mind is only the speed of growth. As for the strength, at most also let Hua Yun barely into the leadership of the level. It's a joke that a human leader in the middle wants to kill a mutant dragon leader in the high position. Ding! There was a clear sound in the Dragon Washing Pool. It's like a ringtone. The voice was not very loud, but it could be heard clearly by the magic dragons around it. Even Hua Yun and Bull, who were fighting fiercely, could hear it clearly. Uh? Hua Yun and Bull turned their heads at the same time and looked in the direction of the Dragon Washing Pool. It's out! There was a flash of surprise in Bull's eyes. The crystal nucleus of running thunder. Hua Yun was startled.
Chapter 544 True Dragon Ancestor. Lu Tai Bu Fang, the crystal nucleus of Ben Lei Chest Bu Zong Jin broke away from the body. Suspension compensation. From time to time, the head of the Dragon King of the abyss emerges from the water caltrop of the golden crystal nucleus of the corpse. The roar of the Dragon King. One after another, one after another. Ben Lei lay on the platform, his face a little pale. The smell of the curtain on his body became weaker than ever. Magic Dragon Emperor Crystal Core "Bull sneers.". The figure flashed and flew towards the crystal nucleus at a very fast speed. Hua Yun had already noticed Boole, and at the time of Boole's action, Hua Yun had already carried all the remnants of his mind. At the moment when Huayun rushed out. Suddenly, a black transparent shield appeared in front of him. Tsungong! Hua Yun was bounced back by the transparent shield. It was only then that Hua Yun noticed that the space at the top of the sky had been engraved with dragon incantations. The incantation appears and disappears, forming a huge dragon horn. At this time, Hua Yun was trapped in the center of the dragon's horn. This is the God of the true dragon clan, Lord Hatos, who gave us the God of the magic dragon clan, the deer and the dragon horn. Bull flew to the periphery of the magic dragon's horn with a running thunder in one hand and a magic dragon's crystal nucleus in the other. Ben Lei! You let it go. Hua Yun saw Ben Lei being pinched by Bull,nail manufacturing machine, anxiously hitting the magic dragon horn. It's no use! You can't break it. This magic dragon horn is free to enter and exit except for the magic dragon clan. Only the real dragons of the long-gone real dragon clan can get in and out. Not to mention you, even if the main God comes, he may not be able to rush out of the magic dragon horn. Bull glanced indifferently at Hua Yun. Is it spiritual? "" Hua Yun took a deep breath and took the golden compass out of the ring. The divinity of the Lord of death.
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