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Upper raiders by Mo Ling (23rd Nov 22 at 12:34am UTC)Quote Reply
I miss Rong Zhao's snacks. I miss Rong Zhao. The emotion in Wu Huan's heart was turbulent, his eyes were somewhat scattered, and he even forgot that there was a man sitting in front of him who could kill him at any time. Fortunately, Yan Hongtian was struggling with the problem of dim sum and did not notice Wu Huan's distraction. Tomorrow I'll send someone to look for it again in the Dark Devil City. You can eat a little. I'm afraid you'll be very tired tomorrow. Yan Hongtian's tone is very gentle, like a lover's intimate exhortation. Wu Huan's emotions were suppressed in an instant. She endured the impulse to beat Yan Hongtian to death and nodded at random, "I heard you have a bone lotus." Yan Hongtian's face darkened and his whole body overflowed with a murderous look. "Who told you that?" Wu Huan curled her lips. "Listen to what the servants said when they were chatting. Why didn't you?" After a pause, his face suddenly turned ugly. "They're talking nonsense." "I have." Yan Hongtian interrupted Wu Huan's words, and his expression softened a little. "Do you want to see?" The shape of the bone lotus is like the five fingers of a person. When the petals are unfolded, you can't see anything, but when the petals are merged, it's scary. It looks like a white knuckle without flesh and blood. But the effect of bone lotus is very powerful, direct use, indiscriminately promoted two levels,plastic pallet manufacturer, no matter what level you are, you can be promoted two levels. When Wu Huan saw that Yan Hongtian's expression was no longer as gloomy as it had just been, she immediately said with great interest, "I heard it's very beautiful. How about giving it to me as a betrothal gift?" Is there anyone who is so shameless to ask others for betrothal gifts? Does this woman really not know the value of bone lotus or pretend? And The flower of bone lotus looks like a human bone. Where does it look good? Are you sure it's not a bad aesthetic? "All right, I'll have someone bring it to you in a minute." Yan Hongtian is very confident. No matter how precious the bone lotus is,spill plastic pallet, it's useless here. This woman likes it. It's okay to give it to her. You have a good rest. Yan Hongtian told Wu Huan again before leaving. Not long after he left, several maids came in with several boxes. "Girl, this is the betrothal gift prepared by the castellan for the girl. Look at it. The castellan said that if you don't like it, you can change it for the girl immediately." The servant girl put the boxes in front of Wu Huan in turn. The first box was made of black ice, with a chill. Wu Huan pinched the corner of his clothes and opened the box, such as five fingers without flesh and blood, which looked really scary. I like it very much. You go down! Wu Huan waved and let the men step down, lying on the edge of Xuanbing's box and looking at the bone lotus carefully. This thing.. How can it have such a great effect? Forget it, it's for Rong Zhao anyway. Wu Huan closed the lid and stuffed it directly into the silver bracelet. Inside the other boxes were some jewelry with bright colors, collapsible pallet box ,euro plastic pallet, all of which were good jewelry. Wu Huan also stuffed it all into the silver bracelet and sold it. We have to get Longquan back first. She didn't care if she didn't have a weapon before, but she can't now. Wu Huan put out the light in the room, stood in the room for a while with his breath, and then stuck to the door to listen to the movement outside. After making sure that there was nothing unusual, he opened the back window and turned out. Rong Zhao, I have sacrificed so much, don't step on the horse! Chapter 122 I say it is and it is. As soon as Wu Huan turned out, someone followed her in the dark. Wu Huan's speed was not fast. It was easy to keep up with her. But a day is very confused, this woman is like a madman, back and forth in a few yards. Do nothing, go into that yard and come out soon, and then go into another yard, over and over again. A Tian is a little bored in the back. Why is this woman so energetic? Just as he was shaking his mind, the figure that had just been in sight had disappeared. A Tian's heart sank and he ran quickly toward the place where Wu Huan had just stood. It was dark all around, only a faint light reflected from elsewhere, and the place could be seen faintly.
He looked around, it was empty, there was no place to hide people. Lost him? A day's face is very ugly, he unexpectedly lost a woman! It's not that he looks down on women, but that this woman is too weak to be weak. How can she have the ability to disappear under his eyes? No, we have to tell the Lord. A Tian left quickly, and the yard was cold and silent again. Half an hour later, a dark shadow jumped down from the eaves in the corner of the courtyard and disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye. Wu Huan's heart sank slightly, it seems that Yan Hongtian is not a good show of flicker! Find Longquan and Rongzhao before Yan Hongtian finds her! With the measurement in mind, the speed of Wu Huan became faster and faster. Perhaps because of the preparations for the big wedding, the people in these courtyards were sleeping soundly. Wu Huan almost did not disturb anyone and went to a seemingly unremarkable courtyard. The breath of Longquan is here. Wu Huan pushed the door open and went in. It was very dark inside. There was no popularity. There should be no one living there. Aware of this, Wu Huan breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart. She didn't know if she could get away with it when she was facing the superior. Wu Huan walked all the way to a bookshelf with many boxes on it, all of which looked exquisite and luxurious. Longquan was put in one of the boxes, Wu Huan reached out to take out Longquan, the cold touch has been perturbed heart calm a lot. Just find Rong Zhao again. Wu Huan took a deep breath and prepared to leave. Who knew that the bookshelf in front of her suddenly opened, the soft light suddenly enveloped her inside,plastic pallet box, the sudden light made Wu Huan unable to open his eyes, squinting at the tall figure standing in the light. Why did Miss Wu Huan come here when she didn't have a rest at night? Yan Hongtian's voice can not hear joy and anger, as if a casual question. Wu Huan adapted to the light and opened his eyes to the dark line of sight of Yan Hongtian. I'm lost. Wu Huan's face is not red and his heart is not beating. Oh Yan Hongtian's line of sight slowly moved down and fell on the Longquan in Wu Huan's hand. "How do you explain the things in Wu Huan's hand?" Wu Huan took the dagger to a place where their sight was level. "This is my thing. What explanation do I need to get my own thing back?" 。
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